For Season 2, Ché Ahn will be joined by 26 powerfully anointed leaders in their sphere of influence. Each guest will share what God is doing in the world through their lives and ministries to equip believers and bring about change—including Mario Murillo, Bill Johnson, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and more!

You will hear stories of signs and wonders, receive biblically sound teachings and practical steps to take…

Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn was born out of this conviction and provides practical, everyday spiritual tools for believers to help fulfill the Great Commission, as Jesus is calling the Body of Christ to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18-20). He believes that we are in a day and age where every medium is necessary for the Church to carry out this passionate pursuit of the Gospel, and to see God’s people equipped.

Watch new episodes each Sunday morning to experience a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit as each guest shares from their personal experience and is led by the Spirit to pray and minister to you on every episode. You will hear stories of signs and wonders, receive biblically sound teachings and powerful insights on a variety of topics, ranging from the prophetic, business, family, education, government and more. You will be edified and inspired and forever changed.

In Ché’s latest book, Modern-Day Apostles, he explains that one of the roles of an apostle is to equip the saints. Part of his strategy to do that is for the generations to share a platform as opposed to only passing on the baton. Therefore, Ché has invited his daughter, Joy, to be his co-host to inspire the next generation to get involved in this powerful move of God.

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Vishal Mangalwadi


Air Dates

EP# 8: Personal Journey To Finding Christ | September 15, 2020

EP# 21: The Impact of Christianity & Hinduism | December 15, 2020

Ministry: Revelation Movement

Website: Revelationmovement.com

Arleen Westerhof


Air Dates

EP# 10: Politics | September 29, 2020

EP# 14: Well Versed | October 27, 2020

Ministry: CEO Well Versed Inc.

Website: Jimgarlow.com

Book: Well Versed

Arleen Westerhof


Air Dates

EP# 4: The Change Agent | August 18, 2020

EP# 11: Prophets: Learning to hear the voice of God | October 6, 2020

Ministry: God’s Embassy Amsterdam

Website: Arleenwesterhof.com

Book: Impact: Prophecy And Change The World

James Goll


Air Dates

EP# 13: Creating & Sustaining a Prophetic Culture | October 20, 2020

EP# 19: Tell Your Heart To Sing | December 1, 2020

Ministry: God Encounters

Website: godencounters.com

Eric Metaxas


Air Dates

EP# 3: Personal Testimony & Career | August 11, 2020

EP#9: Politics (Golden Triangle of Freedom) | September 22, 2020

Website: ericmetaxas.com

Book: If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty

Teri Secrest

Air Dates

EP# 6: Igniting The Entrepreneur in You | September 1, 2020

EP#20: Essential Oils/Personal Testimony | December 8, 2020

Ministry: Business – Joy of Living

Website: Terisecrest.com

Sam Caster

Air Dates

EP# 18: Manna Relief | November 24, 2020

EP#24: Founder of Manna Relief Ministries | January 5, 2021

Ministry: Manna Relief

Website: alovea.com

Cindy Jacobs


Air Dates

EP# 1: The Prophetic | September 8, 2020

EP#17: Prayer & Intercession | November 17, 2020

Ministry: Generals International

Website: Generals.org

Book: Possessing The Gates of The Enemy

Robert Henderson

Air Dates

EP# 7: Realm of Grace/prayer | September 8, 2020

EP# 23: Courts of Heaven/Breakthrough | December 29, 2020

Ministry: Robert Henderson Ministries

Website: roberthenderson.org

Michael Brown

Air Dates

EP# 2: Revival | August 4, 2020

EP# 12: Resurrection/Brownsville Revival | October 13, 2020

Ministry: Ask Dr. Brown Ministry

Website: askdrbrown.org

Sue Ahn


Air Dates

EP# 15: Family & Spiritual Parenting | November 3, 2020

EP# 22: Marriage | December 22, 2020

Ministry: H.I.M. / Harvest Rock Church

Mark Chironna

Air Dates

EP# 5: Mental Health | August 25, 2020

EP# 16: Dead Prophets Society | November 10, 2020

Ministry: Mark Chironna Ministries

Website: Markchironna.com

Book: Dead Prophets Society