Modern-Day Apostles

The gospels tell us about the 12 apostles who Jesus called into ministry, but there is still an apostolic office and function today that all Christians need to know about. In fact, many believers are functioning apostolically — and yet, they are not fully stepping into this unclaimed seat in the spirit realm.

When the people of God access the apostolic anointing, the Earth will witness a greater manifestation of Jesus’ fullness and power!

Dr. Ché Ahn, a world-recognized apostolic leader, takes you through the school of the apostles in this signature book. Through each chapter, you will identify the characteristic ways of operating in the office of an apostle and functioning apostolically in your current sphere of influence.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize if you are an apostle by office or apostolic in function.
  • Step into your apostolic anointing and multiply the release of Kingdom influence through your life.
  • Operate in your apostolic jurisdiction in the church or marketplace.
  • Catalyze cultural change in your sphere of influence as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom.

When you learn how to operate apostolically, you can boldly take your place as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom on Earth and carry out your supernatural assignment to transform your sphere of influence to look more like Heaven.

God Wants to Bless You!

Do you long for the Father’s blessing?

Does God seem to skip you when He hands out blessings? Many Christians believe that, even though God is a good Father, they have little to show for it. Without even realizing it, these believers have put conditions on God and turned away His open hand. Have you?

In this life-changing book, Dr. Ché Ahn says that if you recognize what God’s blessings are and understand their power, you can receive them. With 10 Spirit-soaked decrees to pray for yourself and others, Ché will show you how:
  • God wants to heal you.
  • God wants you to overcome sin and bondage.
  • God wants you to be successful.
  • God wants you to love like Jesus.
  • God wants to bless your family and your relationships.
  • God wants to bless you so you can bless others.

With encouraging stories of God’s blessings in his own life and in the lives of others, Ché Ahn shares practical ways to embrace the Holy Spirit and grow closer to God, showing you how to live the blessing of each decree.

Get ready to receive extreme blessings!

The Grace of Giving

Prosperity begins with generosity.

According to Scripture, God desires to prosper His people—but the Bible’s emphasis in not on amassing personal wealth. God’s people are called to cultivate generous hearts that reflect His giving nature and His desire to bless us.

In The Grace of Giving, Dr. Ché Ahn shows how to repent of the hindrances in your mind and heart that tempt you to grasp at wealth in self-defeating ways. The Holy Spirit will replace your anxiety surrounding money with trust in God’s promises. In His love, God the Father is extending an invitation to discover how a generous heart will transform you and restore His Kingdom on earth. And as you learn to bless others and give generously with complete trust in the Father’s limitless generosity, you will experience the prosperity promised in God’s Word!

Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity

This book tells the story of a good man, a spiritual man, a cautious man, an obedient and faithful pastor. Then the bottom fell out. His marriage hit the rocks; his vision for the nations was quenched; he found himself as an itinerate minister struggling to pay the bills.

Then God performed a miracle, and He restored all and more.

Dr. Ché Ahn now oversees a global network of churches in over 65 nations, is healed of life’s wounds, enjoys a fulfilling and mutually purposed marriage, and walks in apostolic power of signs, wonders, and miracles. He has gone from a good vision to a great destiny, which includes transforming cities and nations and bringing lasting reformation.

More than his own story, Ché Ahn sounds a call and shares practical insight to activate believers to reach their destinies and influence society. This book is packed with incredible testimonies of miracles, divine appointments, healings, and transformational change.

When you let go of your plans and surrender your control, you too can walk in a new way. You can Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity and hello to an amazing life!

When Heaven Comes Down

“If we want to know God personally, to relate to Him intimately,” writes Dr. Ché Ahn, “we must be prepared to receive and experience His glory.” Born out of his personal experiences with numerous revival movements around the world, Ché Ahn provides insights into the manifest presence of God — His glory — showing how it reveals both His character and His power.

But Ché will take you deeper by exploring the ways in which God’s glory is displayed. He also discusses God’s purposes for revealing His glory, how He uses it to make us one with Him, how His glory calls us to holiness, and much more. An invaluable resource, When Heaven Comes Down will appeal to believers who are looking to go deeper with God and allow His glory to transform them.

Spirit-Led Evangelism

Most Christians know they should share their faith in Jesus Christ with unbelievers, but not everyone is on the same footing. Some hardly know where to start. Others move with confidence but want to explore areas of greater effectiveness. In the Body of Christ, the call to evangelism is clear, but the gifting is different.

Spirit-Led Evangelism is a tool to enlighten and empower you for one of the greatest privileges and some of the most rewarding interchanges you will ever have in this life.

Evangelism is not an assignment. It is an overflow of God’s life in you that brings more life in turn — first to you and then to those with whom you share. 

With practical teaching and personal illustrations, Dr. Ché Ahn explains the priority of evangelism and equips readers to move to higher levels of success. With a special emphasis on “power evangelism,” this book will help both hesitant and on-fire Christians deepen their skills for following Christ into all the world. Spirit-Led Evangelism will transform your thinking, ignite your heart for the lost, and show you just how simple and natural personal evangelism can be.

How to Pray for Healing

Join Dr. Ché Ahn on an intimate journey through personal healing and powerful God encounters. With a simple and down-to-earth style, he demystifies the idea of healing the sick through prayer. As you turn each page, you will be refreshed and encouraged to use the power of prayer as a main line of defense.

How to Pray for Healing explains the basic theology of healing and how to pray for yourself and others. This insightful book also discusses the times when God does not heal. Should we always expect healing? This introduction to the subject of prayer and healing balances the miraculous with the practical and draws from well-known sources such as John Wimber, Francis McNutt, Smith Wigglesworth, among many others.


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