2020: A Decade of Great Harvest

Pastor Che and his family came out to LA in 1984 from the Washington D.C. area because of a prophetic call. Pastor Ché talks about the history of Revival and what we can do in our individual lives and as a church to partner with the promise in 2020.

The Truth: Ten Keys to a Successful Life

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Courageous Leadership Transforming Our Nation Series

A Study in the Book of Joshua.

Keys to Biblical Prosperity

These 10 biblical truths will empower you to embrace prosperity with a purpose.

The Great Commission

Discover the ways God is calling you to fulfill the divine mandate to disciple nations and bring transformation to your world.

Heaven on Earth Series - Part 3

Find out how you can bring Heaven’s culture to earth with these 5 biblical truths about modern-day apostles.

Heaven on Earth Series - Part 4

Experience God’s heart for your family as you embrace these powerful insights about marriage and family life.

Kingdom Come Series - Valuing the Prophetic

Walk into greater realms of the prophetic by practicing these 3 biblical truths.

Kingdom Come Series - United Prayer

Unlock the power of prayer with these keys to catalyze transformation and revival.

Kingdom Come Series- Healing the Sick

Step into the miraculous by following these practical steps to partner with God’s desire to heal.

Intentional Prophetic Evangelism

Reach the lost by moving in the prophetic and practicing these scriptural keys to evangelism.

Advancing God’s Kingdom

Discover foundational truths and strategies that will equip you to advance the Kingdom of God.

Let Your Light Shine

Step into new spheres of influence as you embrace these 5 keys to shine God’s light into the world.

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