Our Vision

God has done great things in the more than four decades I’ve been serving Him — and it’s not over yet. Ché Ahn Media is taking the work of the Lord to the next step, imparting the heart that He has placed in me into other believers around the world as a part of the legacy I want to leave to the Body of Christ.

Ché Ahn Media exists to expand the work of evangelizing and discipling that I’ve dedicated my life to. That vision hasn’t changed, I still intend to evangelize and I still intend to disciple, but Ché Ahn Media gives me a new tool to do just that. With it, I expect to be able to reach more people, building strong, dedicated, equipped, and prepared disciples of Christ to continue the work all over the world.

In the decades since I launched Harvest Rock Church, I’ve had the opportunity to serve Jesus and His Body in 90 different nations. My spiritual fathers included the late Dr. C. Peter Wagner, and I’ve studied under many of the great ministers of our time who mentored me in Kingdom building and the impartation and activated works of the Holy Spirit. But as the years pass and the ministries grow, I find that there isn’t enough time to travel to all the places where I’m needed. God is calling me to work smarter, not harder. I believe in the power of media and how God will use it to reach the masses as an incredible tool for evangelism today! Therefore, I’m shifting my focus and methodology through Ché Ahn Media towards capitalizing on the benefits of media as a force multiplier, allowing me to reach more people.

This new ministry is rooted upon the same foundational pillars that my work has always been built upon:

How do I plan on doing this?

Through providing resources and assets that believers can use in furthering their own walk with Christ — resources like books, podcasts, television, videos, and social media. I want to pour out everything that the Holy Spirit has placed within me, so that it might serve to disciple others in their walk with the Lord. I’d like to personally invite you to join me as I continue the journey in this new chapter of my life and ministry. Whether that means receiving the resources I am preparing, supporting us in prayer, or providing financial support, I’d like to ask you to walk beside me. Let us watch and see together where the Lord takes us. 

In His Love,

Ché Ahn

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