The Grace of Giving


What does giving have to do with biblical prosperity? While the Scripture is clear that God desires to prosper His children materially, the Word emphasizes having a generous heart just like how the Father loves to give to His children. Pastor Ché Ahn believes that God desires to prosper His people, and that He will do so as they trust His grace to provide for their needs and seek to reflect His giving, blessing image. This happens as believers repent of the hindrances of mind and heart that motivate them to grasp at wealth in unhealthy and self-defeating ways. The Grace of Giving guides readers to tear down the idols of wealth and poverty and to flourish in God's presence and provision.

ThemesBreaking the Curse and Mindset of Poverty, Walking in the Grace of Giving, Sowing and Reaping with Faithfulness, Individual and Systemic Reformation
KeywordsBiblical prosperity, Prosperity, Giving, Generosity, Breakthrough, Sowing and Reaping, Graduated Giving, Lifestyle, Reformation, Kingdom, Trust, Grace, Blessing, Breaking the Curse of Poverty, Faithfulness