Spirit Led Evangelism


Most Christians know they should share their faith in Jesus Christ with unbelievers, but not everyone is on the same footing. Some hardly know where to start. Others move with confidence but want to explore areas of greater effectiveness. In the body of Christ, the call to evangelism is clear, but the gifting is different.

Spirit-Led Evangelism helps remove any barriers to answering that call. With practical teaching and personal illustrations, Pastor Ché Ahn explains the priority of evangelism and equips readers to move to higher levels of success. With a special emphasis on “power evangelism,” this book helps Christians deepen their skills for following Christ into all the world.

ThemesPractical Evangelism, Power Evangelism, Prophetic Evangelism, Presence Evangelism, Workplace Evangelism, Revival & Reformation, Prayer for the Lost
KeywordsEvangelism, Character, Missions, Church-Planting, Testimony, Lifestyle, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Revival, Reformation, Prophetic, Gospel, Cross, Apostolic