Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity


This book tells the story of a good man, a spiritual man, a cautious man, an obedient and faithful pastor. Then the bottom fell out. His marriage hit the rocks; his vision for the nations was quenched; he found himself as an itinerant minister struggling to pay the bills. Then God performed a miracle, and He restored all and more. Ché now oversees churches and ministries in over 60 nations, is healed of life s wounds, enjoys a fulfilling mutually purposed marriage, and walks in apostolic power of signs, wonders, and miracles. He has gone from a good vision to a great destiny, which includes transforming cities and nations and bringing lasting reformation. More than his own story, Pastor Ché Ahn sounds a call and share practical insight to activate every believer to reach their destinies and influence society. This book is packed with incredible testimonies of miracles, divine appointments, healings, and change. When you let go of your plans and surrender your control, you too can walk in a new way. You can Say Good-bye to Powerless Christianity and hello to an amazing life!

ThemesPastor Ché Ahn’s Life Testimony, Revival and Reformation Testimonies and Strategies, Holy Spirit Lifestyle
KeywordsRevival, Reformation, Transformation, Renewal, Strategy, Testimony, Prophetic, Fasting, Family, Miracles, Prayer, Calling, Vision, Dream, Evangelism, Apostolic, Gospel